SmartBill Services

SmartBill Online for electronic bill presentment and payment

SmartBill Online, our electronic bill presentment and payment service, allows your customers to review their billing invoices or statements online 24/7, access up to 13 months of statements, and print copies or mail their payments electronically. With SmartBill Online, you can reduce your printing and mailing costs, improve your customer service and communication, plus lower your customer service costs. SmartBill allows your staff access to billing statements, payment history, reports, and customer databases to instantly email, fax, or mail customer documents.

SmartBill Online Benefits:

  • Gives customers 24/7 access to their accounts and lets them make payments online
  • Eliminates the costs of print and mail statement production and processing manual payments
  • Lowers customer service costs and improves customer communications
  • Provides customers with greater convenience, flexibility and cost savings
  • Helps you go "green" to reduce the impact of paper on the environment.